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Mini cupcakes for baby shower

3 Fun Entertainment Ideas for a Baby Shower

If you or someone you know will be having a baby in the next few months, the idea of a baby shower may be running through your head. The main purpose is to get together with friends and family and…

Bride holding white roses

A Few Simple Tips for a New Year’s Wedding

Planning a wedding is always hard work and a lot of stress. One of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing a date. However, one option you may not have considered is a New Year's wedding. There are many…

Decorating with Candles

Six Unique Candles Decorate Any Celebratory Banquet Table

Banquet table decorations match the party's décor, create a festive atmosphere, and invite guests to relax and have fun. Whether you set the tables with colorful, neutral, formal, or primitive centerpieces, try one of six unique, attractive, affordable, and inviting…

finger foods and wine

How to Plan Low-Cost Weddings

Weddings are often described as the most important event in a couple's life. Family and friends gather to experience elaborate ceremonies that end in a lavish reception. In their quest to make their special day memorable for everyone involved, however,…

White table with a bouquet of flowers

Getting to Know the Top Four Wedding Trends of 2014

The results are in -- around 40% of all couples currently planning their weddings are doing so together. That might not sound like too impressive a figure, but based on past trends, it's quite notable that grooms have been taking…

Infographic: Planning a wedding

Four Key Tips to Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

Gentlemen, are you helping plan out the specifics of your wedding? You should be, at least according to statistics. Today, three out of every four grooms-to-be are involved in choosing items for their wedding registry, and nearly 40% of all…