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Putting Together a Wedding Fast – 5 Tips to Nuptials in No Time

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Putting Together A WeddingIn many cases, putting together a wedding is something that takes months or even years to plan; however, there are occasions where time simply isn’t on your side. If you find yourself planning a wedding in a hurry, these five tips will help you avoid burnout and get the event going as quickly as possible.

1. Consider a Planner: While you may want to do all the planning yourself, working with a wedding planner or consultant is a great time saver. Not only will it take some of the pressure off planning, you will have access to connections you may not have otherwise had.

2. Work with a Venue: Along the same lines, many wedding venues will help you save time and effort. A venue gives you a “home base” something very important when you are trying to get things going quickly.

3. Think about a Destination Wedding: Instead of trying to do it all at home, sometimes a destination wedding can be a good solution if you need to rush. Many top wedding destinations (such as Miami, Las Vegas or the Caribbean) offer package deals to help move things along quickly.

4. Keep the Guest List Small: Putting together a wedding for 40 guests is much different than one for 400. When possible, keep the guest list as small as you can to reduce the workload.

5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy:  Finally, and most importantly, don’t worry about the little details. The most important thing about the wedding is that two people who love one another will be getting married! Try not to let the stress distract from the fun and beauty of the big day ahead.