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Seven Tips for a Kid-Friendly Reception

Little girl dressed up as a bride smiling

Having kids at your wedding and reception can provide a lively element, but unless you take a few extra steps to provide kid-friendly options, that lively element can turn bored and cranky in a heartbeat. If you plan on including kids at your celebration, here are some steps you can take to make sure they stay happy throughout the event with a captivating Kid-Friendly Reception.

* Ask the caterer about adding some kid-friendly foods such as chicken fingers or sliders, or offer a buffet instead of a sit-down menu to appeals to even the pickiest appetites.

* Don’t leave them out of the toasting fun. They may not be old enough to indulge in champagne, but offering a special option such as sparkling punch lets them feel that they’re part of the action.

* Provide fun activities that can be done right at the table. Crayons and coloring pages of the bride and groom, wedding-themed word searches or pocket-sized mazes and games help keep boredom at bay.

* Hire a babysitter to keep kids entertained and provide supervision, so parents can enjoy themselves as well.

* Let the DJ know you want some of the entertainment to appeal to kids.

* Schedule your wedding for the morning or early afternoon. Generally speaking, the later it gets, the more tired kids will be – and the easier it will be for boredom and crankiness to sneak into your festivities.

* Ask your venue about ideas for making kids feel at home. The Renaissance staff has plenty of experience helping guests of all ages have fun.

* Don’t forget the favors. Make sure you have favors especially geared to kids. Snacks are great options, or add a cookie or candy bar and let kids fill their own goody bags.

It might take a little extra effort, but when it comes to avoiding crankiness and meltdowns, adding a few kid-friendly options to your celebration is well worth the investment.