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Six Unique Ways to Use Flowers In a Wedding

flowers in a wedding

As you’re planning your wedding, you know you need flowers for the bouquet. However, flowers are such a great way to add color, style and character to your big day, why not use them in other ways, too? You may want to think about also utilizing flowers in one of these unique ways.


Here are the Six Unique Ways to Use flowers in a wedding:

* Hair Styles – Using flower crowns or just braiding a long stem into an updo is a classy way to add beauty to the bride’s or her attendant’s hair.

* Centerpieces – When it comes to decorating for the reception, why not use centerpieces that match the bride’s bouquet? This can be an excellent way to tie the reception in with the ceremony.

* Boutonniere – Let the groom match his bride by adding a simple boutonniere to his jacket. These are a beautiful way to give the groom a touch of flower power too.

* Drapes – If you have a gazebo or archway, why not drape the space with flowers? This can be very dramatic and a gorgeous way to add character to your space.

* Gifts – A small corsage or flower pin is a nice way to show your guests you care without spending too much money on the gift.

* An Alternative to Rice – Instead of tossing rice at the bride and groom when they leave the ceremony, consider flower petals. These are all-natural and are less dangerous to birds than rice is.

Now that you have some great ideas for flowers, it’s time to start talking with your florist to make sure you’ll have the blooms you need for the big day – don’t wait for the last minute.