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Bohemian weddings are hot! Tips to make yours sizzle

Bouquet of flowers

No doubt about it, from interiors to fashion to weddings, the Boho look is hot, and if you like to be unique, it’s definitely a style you’ll want to consider. Not sure where to start? Here are a few Bohemian wedding ideas to get your creativity flowing:

• When it comes to table linens, the Bohemian style is all about patterns. Add some flair to your reception with colorful runners, chair covers, and napkins that mix and match coordinating colors and styles—preferably in bright tones like blue and green or orange and pink.
• When it’s time to make place cards, ditch the computer and opt for handwritten cards. Too busy? Hire a calligrapher to design them for you.
• Forget the formal flower arrangements, and instead gather ranunculus, roses or daisies, and put them in unusual containers, like teapots or even mason jars spray-painted to match your colors. Choose blooms in a single hue for big impact or combine flowers with Moroccan-style lanterns for an evening reception.
• Skip the veil. Instead, wear a beaded headband or add some flowers to your ‘do. If you decide to wear your hair up, consider using bobby pins with beaded flowers on the ends to add some whimsy.
• Dress casual—well, maybe not casual, but a Bohemian wedding is about choosing your own style, so think outside the box when choosing your gown. Vintage is great, and so are loose, flowing styles and empire waistlines.

Having a unique sense of style is something to be proud of, and your wedding day is the perfect time to show it off. Start with these tips, then add your own for a Boho vibe that’s strictly yours.