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What’s a Sprinkle?

Pregnant woman holding a little girl outdoors

Everyone is familiar with a baby shower. These events tend to be for ladies only and are designed to “shower” the mother-to-be with gifts for the baby; however, there is a new trend in parties for new babies. A sprinkle is like a shower—but a little “lighter.”

What’s a Sprinkle?
Sprinkles are often hosted for parents-to-be of second or third children, but can also be utilized for the firstborn. Instead of guests bringing large gifts, the gifts are usually on the smaller side—perhaps diapers, wipes or gift cards. The focus is more on celebrating the upcoming birth of a baby than on overwhelming mom with tons of presents.

Another differentiating factor of a sprinkle as opposed to a baby shower is that generally the father and other men are invited, too. Instead of traditional baby shower games or organized activities, the events may be more laid back—such as corn hole, board games or the like.

One thing that is similar between baby showers and sprinkles is the food. These are usually a great time to get together and enjoy great food. Instead of putting all of the work on the hosts, it may be more of a potluck type event. Just don’t forget the cake!

As you can see, a sprinkle is a fun alternative to the regular baby shower. Whether you are a parent-to-be yourself or you simply want to plan an event for someone close to you, it is worth considering the benefits and fun of the sprinkle.