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7 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Wedding

Bride and groom walking outdoors holding hands

The average cost of a wedding today is about $26,000 – a pretty astounding figure by just about anyone’s measure – but there are ways to cut costs so you can have more money left over to spend on the honeymoon. Here are seven ideas that can help you Lower the Cost of Your Wedding:

1. Reduce the number of guests: Fewer guests means a lower reception bill, since you’ll need less food, fewer drinks and even fewer invitations and favors.

2. Have your ceremony and reception in the same locale to save money on vendors who charge by the hour: Venues like the Renaissance offer experienced planners to help you save even more money.

3. Buy in-season flowers, opt for arrangements with more greenery, or use candles or lanterns to supplement small arrangements: Simple bouquets in mason jars can be surprisingly elegant – and very affordable.

4. Instead of a full bar which can be very costly, opt for beer and wine and maybe one or two different kinds of cocktails.

5. Order a small “fancy” cake for you and your wedding party accompanied by a much-less-costly sheet cake – or cupcakes – for your guests.

6. Wear a vintage gown from a relative or consignment store, or scour Craigslist for a gown: Craigslist can also be a good source for wedding items like ribbons and centerpiece items.

7. Choose simple favors or offer one favor for each couple: You can also save money by creating your own favors, but be sure you can devote the time to it; DIY favors often become frustrating endeavors, especially if you wait until the last minute.

Getting married shouldn’t mean signing up for a mountain of debt: A little creativity and careful planning can help you get the most from your event without breaking the bank.