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Top 5 Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Groomsmen gifts show how grateful you are to the guys in your wedding party for taking time out of their lives to share your day with you, so when it comes to choosing a way to say “thanks,” look beyond the usual to select gifts that are a little more personal. Here are 5 gifts for your groomsmengifts for your groomsmen:

Add a new twist. For some reason, when it comes to groomsmen’s gifts, everyone thinks of alcohol: Whiskey decanters, flasks, shot glasses – even complete cocktail kits are all options if this idea suits you. But try to make it more personal by engraving each person’s initials on the item to give an otherwise usual gift some added flair and personality.

Clip it. Another groomsmen’s gift standby: Matching cufflinks. They may be great for the ceremony, but most guys don’t wear cufflinks with their work clothes, which means they’ll just wind up sitting in a drawer. Instead, opt for a well-crafted tie clip which will get a lot more mileage once the ceremony is over.

Keep it clean. Toiletry bags (or “Dopp kits”) can be a great choice, and one that will get lots of use for years to come. Consider adding a small bottle of cologne to wear on the wedding day to avoid clashing scents.

Stir up some team spirit. If your groomsmen are diehard sports fans, consider an official cap or jersey so they can wear their team pride every day. Opt for officially-licensed gear, not a lower-priced knock-off.

Give an experience. Looking for something even more personal? Consider giving tickets to a sports event or concert, time with a personal trainer or another event-oriented gift that focuses on a personal hobby. Giving “experiences” can be a really good option when the members of your party have vastly different tastes.

Above all, when it comes to selecting a gift, zero-in on items that will be truly useful once the wedding is over. Not only will it create lasting memories of your friendship, but it also shows how much you appreciate all your groomsmen have done for you.