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Pantone’s 2015 Color Palette Brings Nice Surprises to Spring Brides

Color Palette

Are you a spring bride looking for the perfect color to add to your wedding? Pantone’s new color palette may have the perfect fit you’re looking for. The recognized global authority of color and color matching, This year’s palette runs the gamut, incorporating clear, bright colors like snorkel blue, fiesta, and buttercup, as well as more muted tones, like rose quartz, limpet shell, and serenity.

According to Pantone, the palette was influenced by the world of art, as well as a mix of both urban and natural factors that are reminiscent of travel, nature, and nostalgia.

Pantone is well known for its “color of the year,” but less well known for its exclusive annual palette selection, which pretty much defines what designers will be using on the runway, in home décor items, and, yes, in weddings.

For fashion-forward brides, the broad mix of hues is especially good news since it opens a world of opportunity for adding splashes of color in the bridal party attire as well as flourishes at the reception and ceremony.

Four ways to add this year’s palette to your wedding:

Ribbons – In your hair, your bridesmaids’ or flower girl’s hair, as streamers from the pews or dining chairs, or flowing from your bouquet and centerpieces, ribbons can add a splash of color without being overbearing.

Flowers – Whether you opt for artificial, real or a mix, today’s “designer flower” options ensure you can find a mix that introduces one or more of this year’s colors in your bouquet or in your centerpieces.

Table linens – Adding napkins in a bright hue adds a snap of color that can be a welcome distraction from the sea of white in most traditional weddings.

Accessories – From shoes to pocket squares to gloves to socks, adding a “surprise” touch of color is a great way to bring some unexpected whimsy to any ceremony.