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Miami Catering Services: 5 Cocktails For Your Halloween-Themed Wedding

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If you have a love for all things spooky, there is a chance you might be considering a Halloween-themed wedding. We’ve rounded up some of the creepiest cocktails to help you embrace the dark side of life on your wedding day. Take a look at these 5 chillingly good Halloween drinks.

#1 The Witch’s Heart

If you love witches, vampires, and zombies, then you’ll love this dark magical portion. This beautiful Halloween cocktail will impress everyone on the guest list. This drink is a combination of Blackberry shimmery Liquor, Grenadine and Apple brandy. Here is the recipe.

#2 Poison Apple Cocktail

This cocktail is tart and crisp. A mix of vanilla vodka, sour apple liquor, and orange liquor give it the perfect blend of sweet and sour. A splash of champagne adds a bit of mystery and magic to the appearance. Check out the recipe.

#3 Bleeding Heart Martini

This sophisticated drink is perfect for weddings. It features the perfect combination of dry vermouth and gin. Pickled beets resemble a heart that “bleeds” from a stab wound caused by a cocktail spear. Here is the recipe.

#4 Black Devil Martini

The Black Devil Martini is a great cocktail for an elegant Halloween-themed wedding. The gorgeous midnight color comes from dark rum and a black olive garnish. Add an orange sugar rim made out of granulated sugar and orange food coloring for extra flair. Learn how to make this drink here.

#5 The Black Heart

This jet-black cocktail features a decadent blend of Creme de Cassis, black vodka, fig vodka and just a dash of dry vermouth. Garnish it with a split black. When turned stem-side down, the fig has the perfect heart shape. Here is the recipe.

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