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3 Great Food Choices For Your Fall 2018 Wedding

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If you’re looking for the best catering Miami has to offer, don’t forget to consider your fall food choices. Even if the Miami weather isn’t changing all that much it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some seasonal variety during your wedding. This fall the popular wedding trends are continuing the tradition of toasty beverages and pumpkin flavors. Adding these fall delights is a great choice for any part of your wedding. However, a very effective way of bringing in the season but not overwhelming your day is by utilizing cocktail hour. The cocktail hour at your wedding is a blank slate where can set the tone of the reception and bring everyone into the fun. Since 2010, cocktail hour spending has risen from 69% to 76%. Using the cocktail hour to deliver your theme without compromising your traditional reception is a great idea. If you’re considering a fall wedding, here are some great fall food choices.

  • DoughnutsDoughnuts are an inviting addition to any wedding, but for some reason, they are particularly nice during those fall months. Creating an exciting doughnut display or offering doughnuts and cider and really settle your event into the fall theme.
  • Pumpkin EverythingIt’s not going anywhere soon. Pumpkin spice is still an incredibly popular flavor in the fall. Whether you have pumpkin pies at your wedding or some pumpkin spice lattes during coffee hour, this is a surefire hit for your fall wedding.
  • Mulled WineIf you’ve ever had the joy of experiencing mulled wine, you would know this is one of the best things ever created. Combining the amazing flavor of mulling spices with a decadent rich wine warms your soul from the ground up. Serving mulled wine at your wedding will set the stage for a relaxed inviting party.

When catering Miami, it’s easy to get distracted by the warm sunny weather. Taking part in some nice seasonal fall traditions can help give your wedding whimsy and character. If you are planning your wedding reception for a banquet hall, take a look at their menu options. A lot of catering services will work with you on the menu and allow you to adjust your menu as needed.