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Where To Have a Baby Shower: 3 Things To Consider

infographic: Brides should book their space 9 months in advance

So you’re going to have to plan a baby shower! We would say that congratulations are in order, but this isn’t about you.

It’s about a cultural tradition that holds the best friend, sister, and/or mother of the expectant mom responsible for throwing a baby shower in her honor. When done right, baby showers can be a super fun way to let loose (but not too loose) before the baby comes. Done wrong, and baby showers can be a hackneyed waste of everyone’s time, but no pressure.

That being said, there’s really no wrong way to throw a baby shower, the success of which depends on good friends, family, and a whole lot of feels. And gifts, obviously. Lots of gifts.

Before you can start planning a baby shower, the first thing you’ll have to do is settle on where exactly you plan to host the shower. So to help you choose between various baby shower venues, we’ve put together a brief list of things to consider.

1. Do NOT Ask the Mom-to-be To Host!

Trust us, after the baby comes your expectant mother will spend more than enough time at home. In fact, the whole point of a baby shower is to make sure the mom in question isn’t involved in the preparations or clean up. Many baby shower recipients even offer to host the party themselves to make things easier on their friends and relatives. Even if you believe she was making a genuine offer, don’t listen!

2. Get a Head Count

When choosing baby shower venues, the most important thing you need to determine is the number of guests you expect. If only a handful of women are expected to attend, then it may be possible to host the event at your own home. But if more than a dozen friends, cousins, sorority sisters, neighbors, aunts, nieces, and grandparents are going to be in attendance, then it’s time to start looking for baby shower venues that can accommodate you.

3. How To Choose Baby Shower Event Locations

For popular wedding venues, it’s usually recommended that brides-to-be book their space at least nine months in advance. Obviously, that’s not an option for baby showers, but typically you won’t need that much notice. Plus, because baby showers are usually held during off-peak hours, it’s possible to book cheap banquet halls that otherwise have a long waiting list.

Traditionally, baby showers were held in upscale tea rooms, which is why many women are choosing to throw showers in banquet halls or similar classy venues. Plus, this has the bonus of sparing the hostess from the need to clean or cater the event herself, a definite perk.

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose baby shower venues that match the tone and character of the kind of party you want to throw. And so long as you’re in good company, then you can’t go wrong.