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Lose the Winter Wedding Blahs

Church surrounded by pine trees and snow

When you plan your winter wedding, keep these four tips in mind to make sure your winter wedding has sizzle!

• Winter Doesn’t Mean Stark – Yes, one of the premier colors for winter is white. You don’t have to go stark. Bring some color into your décor to break up the monotony.
• Remember Flowers – Flowers may not be the first thing you think of in the middle of winter. Flowers are a beautiful, traditional addition to any wedding so finding some flowers that are in-season, or that you have shipped in can make a big impact.
• Consider at Theme – Instead of making the season your theme, the winter can be a great time to have a themed wedding. A theme is a great way to ensure that you and your betrothed’s personality shine through despite the season.
• Go South for Winter – If you are planning a destination wedding, winter is a great time! Not only will you and your guests love getting away from the cold, but many venues may also have more availability during winter.
No matter what season you decide to hold your wedding, the key is to make sure it is a day that you will never forget. Don’t let the season keep you from having the best day of your life—embrace the chill in the air and make your winter wedding the best it can be!