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Weddings Go Hi-Tech


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Emerging technologies may change the future of wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. There are an average of 2.4 million U.S. weddings every year — and in years to come, the best wedding places (35% throw wedding parties outdoors, for example) and the number of guests to invite (136 on average) may be the least of your concerns. Here are just a few technologies you may want to incorporate into future wedding plans:

Snap One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Photos
Two relatively new technologies are changing the way Americans are taking wedding photos. Drones are capturing never before seen aerial and/or long-distance shots. And drones aren’t just suitable for wedding pictures; couples can also use drones in place of a videographer. Similarly, some brides are hiding a GoPro camera inside of their bouquet and using the camera to snap unique, candid photos all night long.

Bringing Something New To The Wedding Cake
The cake may be one of the most important decisions that you make during your wedding plans. Now, brides and grooms have more options than ever before. New technology allows couples to 3D print cake decorations. It is possible to use edible materials, like sugar, to do it all, too — and it’s generally cheaper to design and print sugar and edible toppers and decorations than it is to have bakeries produce them by hand.

Another way to add something extra to cakes is to do it with realistic projections. Couples start with a white cake (or one that is simple and typically just one color). Prior to cutting the cake, there is a display of elaborate light projections. The Huffington Post elaborates: “You can map literally anything you want onto your cake — from pretty flowers to old-school photos and even meaningful song lyrics.”

Wedding ceremonies and receptions are changing, thanks to new technologies. Don’t be surprised if you see drones, GoPros standing in for or supplementing the wedding photographer, and/or cakes with 3D printed decorations.