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Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Bouquets of flowers

Wedding centerpieces can be an expensive aspect of your special day. However, you can save money and get attention from your guests with homemade centerpieces. These fun ideas will help you create something that really stands out and makes your day even more special and unique.

Simple Flowers

You don’t have to go complex to create an attractive centerpiece for your wedding. Choose one flower that complements your theme, and buy etched glass vases personalized with your names or wedding date. Place a single flower in each one, and arrange them at the tables as you prefer. It will create a simple, yet elegant statement.

Musical Candles

While the candles won’t make music, they are a great touch and an easy way to share your favorite song with your guests. Simply print up copies of the sheet music to the song of your choice and buy white pillar candles. Cut and wrap the music around the candle, securing it with glue. These candles will look great on every table.

Add Some Sparkle

If plain candles are your centerpiece of choice, consider adding a sparkly flair. Arrange candles of various sizes or on a number of pedestals at different heights on flat mirrors. Arrange fake gems or clear, colored stones, such as those used in fish tanks, on the mirrors to add a unique sparkle to the candlelight.

Use Vase Alternatives

It may be tempting to gather vases that are the same for centerpiece floral arrangements, but there are other options. Head to your local thrift store and buy a unique array of glass bottles, drinking glasses and unique vases for your floral arrangements. These centerpieces will surely get your guests talking.

Creating unique, homemade centerpieces for your wedding will not only save you money, but it will also give your special day a unique look.