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How to Narrow Down Your Guest List

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Regardless of what type of party or event you are holding, the guest list can be one of the most harrowing aspects. Whether you’re trying to stay within budget or need to hold to your venue’s capacity restrictions, you may find yourself wondering how to narrow down your guest list. These tips can help.

Are They Close Family?

It may be tempting to invite everyone who has any relation to you, but this isn’t the best way to keep down your list. Before you add anyone to the guest list, ask yourself whether they are someone you would consider close family. You don’t have to restrict yourself to parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents; however, you should make sure you are only inviting family members you know personally and who would be able to recognize you. Going beyond this group will hyper-inflate your guest list and may seem like you are after more gifts.

Are They Close Friends?

Once again, you may want to invite everyone you’ve come into contact with, including coworkers. As you make your list, consider if you interact with the individual on a regular basis. It certainly doesn’t have to be someone you talk to daily, but the person should not be someone whom you only talk to once every five or 10 years. Coworkers should be handled differently. Just because you deal with them on a daily basis doesn’t mean they are good candidates for inviting to your party. Instead, limit yourself to only inviting coworkers you would otherwise spend time with outside work.

You may think inviting everyone you’ve ever met is a great idea, especially for major life events like a wedding, but in many cases, it’s much better to keep your guest list smaller. Not only does this ensure you stay within budget and capacity restrictions, but it also makes for a more intimate affair with only close family and friends.