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Two Ways To Make Your Special Day Truly Your Own

Infographic about couples and their wedding planning

unique wedding places

Planning a wedding that is truly unique can be something of a challenge — especially with all of the images and ideas shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It is more than possible to make your special day completely your own, with some dedication and patience. What are some of the most unique wedding places?

Go To Extremes
Right now, just about 15% of weddings are outdoors. Outdoor locations for ceremonies and/or receptions are becoming increasingly popular. You can still stand out, however, by going big. Instead of just getting married outdoors, some couples are going to new extremes — and tying the knot in midair (with a little help from hot air balloons), on the edge of a cliff, or right next to a volcano.

“In Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, couples marry with views of Kilauea Caldera, part of a live volcano with plumes of lava flaring against the sky,” Glamour magazine explains. Remember, ceremonies and receptions don’t necessarily (and often are not) in the same place. If it’s too expensive to throw a wedding reception on a cliff or if your guests are a bit skittish, it’s perfectly acceptable to exchange vows wherever you like — and select classy banquet hall rentals for the festivities with friends and family.

Make Vineyard Weddings Truly Unique
Nearly one-third of couples (30%) plan their weddings in seven to 12 months. The relatively short amount of time to do a lot of planning might explain why many brides and grooms-to-be overlook a relatively simple fact: there is more to vineyards than fields, lobbies, and reception areas. Some wine cellars are truly beautiful — and more couples are taking notice and hosting one-of-a-kind receptions in wine cellars.

One in five brides will pick purple as one of their wedding colors. Break out of the mold. Choose truly unique wedding places, like volcanoes and cliffs or elegant wine cellars.