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Top Tips for Creating a Wedding Seating Chart

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Hosting, planning and even participating in a wedding can be a lot of fun. However, there are certain aspects of the planning process that cause more stress than others. One of the most stressful tasks for many is creating a seating chart.

Building this “map,” of sorts, is complicated because you want to make sure everyone will be comfortable and happy at your big event. We have put together a few tips to make seating chart creation less stressful and more likely to be a success.

Seating Chart Creation Tips

•    Start Early – Don’t wait until the last minute. You want to have plenty of time to work out the little details without pressure.
•    Divide and Conquer – Consider making a slip of paper with each attendee’s name on it and then dividing them into “piles” such as co-workers, groom’s family, bride’s family, friends, etc.
•    Stick It to Them – As mentioned above, you’re writing the names on paper slips; instead of regular paper, use sticky notes. Then, you can draw out (or print online) illustrations of the tables you will have. You can stick each name at an appropriate table. Once you have things settled, you can draw up or create “official” charts.
•    Talk to the Parents – The parents of the bride and groom are most likely to have insight as to potential clashes. Find out the inside scoop and make sure you aren’t creating a seating faux pas.
•    Don’t Forget the Head Table – In many cases a “head table” is where the wedding party will sit. Create a chart that will make these people most comfortable. If any personal issues would make this a problem, a “sweetheart table” for just the bride and groom may be a better option.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when creating your seating chart. At the end of the day, try not to fret too much. If all else fails, seating can be shifted on the fly to make everyone more comfortable.