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Tips for an Off-site Reception

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Planning a wedding is complicated, and the reception usually even more so. Many feel that holding the wedding and reception in the same location can ease some of the stress. However, there are some times that this is simply not a possibility.


Perhaps the wedding venue does not offer enough seating for everyone you wish to have at the reception, or if you are holding a church wedding, there may be limitations on what food or beverages you may serve. Holding the wedding and reception at separate facilities requires a little extra coordination, but if you follow these tips, you will find it does not have to be as complicated as it may seem.

* Make the Transition Clear — When writing your invitation, use a few extra words or an enclosure to make it absolutely clear the two parts of the big day are being held at different venues. That way there is no confusion on your wedding day.
* Provide Arrangements — If you anticipate transportation being an issue, you may consider providing some form of transportation between the two events. This can be something as simple as asking a few friends who have vans or SUVs to offer rides for those who may have trouble making it to the reception.
* Be Flexible With Time — When the plans involve having your guests move from one venue to another, it is especially important that you offer some flexibility. Buffet-style dining may be a better option than a standard sit-down dinner. If you do go for a scheduled service, offer extra time for guests to flow from one event to the other.

As you can see, it is possible to hold a wedding in one place and the reception in another without too much hassle. If you, for instance, feel strongly about holding the wedding at your home church, but want something a bit more upscale for your reception, you may look for a ballroom in Coral Gables. Then, follow these tips and prepare for a big day that will meet ALL of your needs and allow you to have the wedding of your dreams.