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Tips for Creating a Memorable Sweet 16 Party

Tips For Creating A Memorable Sweet 16 Party

You only turn 16 once, and it should be a day you never forget. This birthday is even more special for girls as it often is seen as a mark in the transition to womanhood. As you are working on planning this special event, it’s important to pay attention to those significant details that are often overlooked in order to make this an event your teenager won’t forget, nor will her friends and family members in attendance.

Come Up with a Theme

Themed parties seem to fade away as your child gets older, but a Sweet Sixteen is something extra special. While the theme isn’t likely to reflect a favorite cartoon character any longer, think about what your daughter truly enjoys. Does she play a sport? Is she more musically inclined? Does she have a favorite band? All of these can help you come up with a theme she will enjoy. Don’t forget to ask the birthday girl if she has a preference. Even choosing colors can be an important undertaking in bringing it all together.

Teenager-Friendly Foods

A Sweet Sixteen event is likely to have a large number of teenagers in attendance as your child invites all of her friends. Make sure you choose buffet-style foods so they can grab the food on the go as they wander the room and socialize. Finger foods make a great addition to the buffet, but there are plenty of other foods that require a plate and fork to eat. Be sure to stock the dessert table with a variety of options, including cakes and candies.

Focus on the Entertainment

Because the Sweet Sixteen is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, entertainment is a major consideration. Hiring a DJ or compiling a playlist of your daughter’s favorite tunes is a great place to start. If you are playing DJ on your own, you will need a good sound system. If you do choose to work with a professional DJ or even a live band, make sure they perform the latest hits to keep your guests entertained.