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Tips and ideas for planning a 4th of July wedding

4th of July wedding

A 4th of July wedding ceremony can be a tempting idea for many. After all, it is the peak of summer and an irresistible wedding date due to the warm weather and the beautiful fireworks. However, when planning a wedding on this holiday, there are some extra considerations to take. Here are some tips and ideas for those planning on hosting an unforgettable wedding during or on the weekend of the 4th of July.

Let’s begin with the pros and cons of a 4th of July wedding

Perhaps you are considering getting married on this holiday as it means a lot to you and it tends to be very fun and vibrant. Some positive things about a 4th of July wedding are that it’s easy to do on a budget and has tons of gorgeous theme options, there’s a possibility that more of your guests will be available since this date tends to be a holiday for many people, and you’ll most likely enjoy a free show of fireworks! It’s important to note that July marks the hottest month of the year therefore it is best to consider an indoor venue with AC. Another con is that if announce late, chances are your guests have already made other plans for the holiday weekend, therefore sending out save-the-date invitations on time is important.

Quick tips to consider

To begin with, weddings that fall on a holiday should always send out save-the-date cards. Modern etiquette suggests sending save the dates 6-8 months before the wedding date for traditional ceremonies and 8-10 months for destination weddings. Since Independence Day is such a popular time for vacations and other events, notifying your guests in advance will increase the chances of them attending.

Another factor to consider is the venue location. As previously mentioned, this date is very popular so booking a venue in advance is highly advised. Since the weather will be pretty hot, wedding planners recommend to secure an indoor venue. Some offer beautiful indoor spaces with large windows and even terraces to see the firework shows.

Some ideas to make it a unique wedding

Take advantage of this day and make an unforgettable wedding with a red, blue, and white themed celebration. It might sound odd, but with the right decorations and arrangements it can turn out to be beautiful and even elegant, while also fun and vibrant. When it comes attire, as this is a special holiday, brides can play out with their gowns. Try using a wedding jumpsuit to maximize comfort and style, instead of a traditional dress. Cakes are another great idea to get creative, ask your cake designer to decorate the pastry with red and blue flowers, sprinkles, faux rocket pops, and tinsel pom poms. Or make it fresh by adding some fresh strawberries and blueberries to recreate the American flag.

Having a wedding on the 4th of July eve is for sure a unique way to celebrate love and Independence Day! However, there are many things to consider for everything to run smoothly. Make sure to contact us today to schedule a tour in our ballrooms, we’ll make sure your special day turns out just as you wish.