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5 Tips for Sending Wedding Invitations

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Having a wedding is one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. According to The Knot, more than 2.6 million couples in 2022 alone were married in front of family and friends, setting a record for US weddings. When it comes to planning a wedding, being thorough and preparing ahead of time is key. When you’re sending out your invitations, there are a few things to remember. If you’re looking to host the best Miami wedding this year, keep the following tips in mind when sending out your wedding invitations.

1. Send Your Invitations Ahead of Time

Once you have an official date set for your wedding, you can then determine when the time is right to send your invitation. Traditionally, proper etiquette recommends that you allow 6-8 weeks for planning when sending out invitations. If you are planning a destination wedding, you should at least provide a minimum of a 12-week notice, or 3 months when sending out invitations. The more time you provide your guests to prepare, the better the turnout is likely to be, especially for those with destination weddings.

2. Include Important Details in One Section

Bundle important details regarding your venue’s location and event details in one location when creating your invitations. Avoid spacing out important information, as your guests may find it difficult to keep track of what is required in terms of attire, parking, and the overall timeline of your wedding. Include maps if necessary or if you are hosting a destination wedding.

3. Provide Additional RSVP Instructions

Include additional RSVP instructions within your wedding invitations. This will streamline the response process for your guests who plan to attend. Knowing who fully intends to arrive at your ceremony will also allow you time to make proper accommodations for the big day.

4. Include Preferred Wedding Attire

Always include the preferred wedding attire you have in mind for your guests within your wedding invitations. This will help guide your guests when shopping for a suit or dress.

5. Avoid Abbreviations Whenever Possible

When creating your wedding invitations, avoid abbreviations, especially when providing directions or addresses. Spelling out entire addresses is highly recommended to prevent potential confusion among guests.

Planning the best Miami wedding is possible with the proper preparations and the right assistance by your side. When you are familiar with the planning process from start to finish, you can enjoy your day and focus on what matters most.

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