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How to Navigate the First Few Steps of Planning a Wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married! From sending invites to securing reception halls, planning a wedding can be less hectic with useful pointers like the ones explained below.

1. Send Invites Early

Seeing that many people travel in the summer and your guests could have planned vacations, send “save the date” cards early enough so people can book their travel plans accordingly. Also, if your wedding is where many people vacation, make early bookings and reservations, especially if you’re considering a hall or a ballroom for your wedding.

2. Determine the Best Time of Day

Consider a ceremony just before sunset. The hottest part of a typical summer day is around 3 PM. Therefore, the ideal time for your event is after this time when the heat is more bearable. It makes sense to start your event at this time since the best time to take pictures is an hour to sunset, what photographers call the golden hour. You can check out apps that can tell you the exact sunset time in your city on your wedding date so you can plan accordingly.

3. Consider a Ballroom Wedding

If you want to take pictures before the ceremony or can only have the wedding earlier in the day, consider the ballroom or reception halls for your wedding or a getting-ready location. This way, your hair and makeup remain fresh throughout the ceremony!

4. Hold it Outdoors

If you prefer an outdoor venue, ensure plenty of shade because direct sunlight, even close to sunset, can be hot. Choose chairs with fabric for more comfort and heat regulation. You can also print out your program on a paper fan and help your guests cool off. And since the elements could be unpredictable, have a backup venue, such as one of the many reception halls in Miami, FL, in case the heavens send showers your way.

5. Seeing Is Believing

According to The Knot Research & Insights Team, about 48% of couples look for reception venues online. It is crucial, however, to verify what’s posted matches reality. Use referrals from trusted sources if you can’t visit the desired venue.

Work with an experienced onsite event specialist who, a few days before the wedding, can affirm that the grounds are sprayed for bugs if you prefer the outdoors. Also, ensure that your desired theme colors and style, including the floral design, are in place. If you choose a ballroom for your wedding, ensure the menu and cake are right, too. The specialist will ensure everything necessary to make your big day spectacular is taken care of!

Renaissance Miami has decades of experience giving couples and their guests unmatched wedding experiences. They offer a one-stop shop for all you’d need for your very special day. Contact us for consultation on packages, and on-site-tour, and a quote!