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From engagement to farewell brunch: a quick guide to the most common wedding events

wedding events

When you find the love of your life, the one you want to wake up to every morning and say goodnight to every evening, it’s time to celebrate. There are numerous wedding events leading up to and following the ceremony, and we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive list to help you plan your celebration.

1. Engagement party

Engagement parties can be as unique as your personality, ranging from casual and relaxed to formal and meticulously planned. This event typically occurs within 12 weeks of your official engagement, and anyone, including yourselves, can host it. Engagement parties can be held at various locations, from a family home to a park or a small event venue.

2. Wedding shower

Wedding showers are an opportunity for both partners to come together. These gatherings, welcoming guests of all genders, often take the form of a cocktail-style event with dinner, drinks, and time to socialize. They can be hosted at a beach, a local park, a restaurant, or a private event venue.

3. Bridal shower

For a more traditional women-only event, consider a bridal shower, complete with games, food, drinks, and heartfelt support from the bride’s closest friends and family members. The maid of honor typically plans this event.

4. Bridal luncheon

The bridal luncheon is an occasion for the bridal party to celebrate. Usually a brunch or afternoon tea, this event is an opportunity for the bride to express her gratitude to her party for their support.

5. Rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner, a long-standing tradition, occurs after the ceremony rehearsal, providing the wedding party with an opportunity to practice before the big day. It can be a simple meal with friends or a more elaborate event with food, drinks, and entertainment.

6. Welcome party

A relatively newer tradition, the welcome party is hosted the evening before the wedding. The groom’s family often takes the lead in planning this event, which serves to welcome out-of-town guests and prepare everyone for the upcoming festivities.

7. Wedding and reception

The wedding ceremony, where the bride and groom exchange vows, is followed by the celebration. Whether you’re planning a micro wedding, a destination wedding, or a grand soirée, make it a reflection of your love and personality.

8. After party

To keep the energy going after the reception, many couples now host an after-party at a bar, with drinks, music, and celebrations continuing into the night. It’s an informal event, usually announced by the DJ at the reception, inviting those who wish to keep the party alive.

9. Farewell brunch

The farewell brunch, held the day after the wedding, offers a relaxed way to wrap up the celebrations. It can include all wedding guests or just the closest ones and can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

While this list covers many aspects of the most common wedding traditions, it’s not exhaustive. Consider these as a starting point for planning your celebration. You can choose to incorporate cultural traditions or create your own unique experience. Whether you follow every tradition or just a few, remember to stay calm as you begin the planning process. If you’re planning a wedding in Miami, make sure to explore our indoor event venues to make your dream wedding a reality!