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Throwing an Unforgettable Baby Shower: A Step-By-Step Guide

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For many parents-to-be, a baby shower is a great way to celebrate new life and get child-rearing advice (and items they need!) from those they care about most. Planning a shower involves a lot of different components, but it’s a day that’s meant to be enjoyable for all. Our guide will help you throw a shower neither the parents-to-be nor your guests will soon forget.

    1. Choose a date
      Firstly, you’ll need to decide when the shower should be held. Some parents will want to hold the shower prior to birth, but others may prefer for the shower to take place after the baby has arrived. Consult with the parents and see which they’d prefer. You’ll also want to consult with them before deciding on a date. After all, there can’t be a shower if they aren’t there to attend!


    1. Decide on a venue
      There are all kinds of different baby shower event locations to choose from. Of course, a relative or friend can choose to host the party at their home, but that’s not always feasible or preferred. When couples plan their wedding, around 40% of them look for unusual venues that reflect their personalities. The same goes for baby shower venues. Unique baby shower locations include hotel rooms and banquet halls, tea rooms, community centers, churches, restaurants, parks, and more. It’s important to choose a location that’s easy to find and access, can accommodate the expected number of guests, and that your guest(s) of honor will like.
    2. Send out the invites
      You should finalize the guest list and send out the invitations about five weeks in advance. This will give attendees plenty of time to plan but won’t be so in advance that they forget all about it. If the parents have registered for gifts, make sure to include that information in the invites. And don’t forget to set a date for their RSVPs. Be sure to follow up if you don’t hear back for an accurate head count.


    1. Plan the menu, decorations, and activities
      This may be the most fun part! You may want to come up with a theme for your shower, as well as decorations that will go along with it. It’s also time to plan out any games or activities to do as a group, or at least a general schedule of how the shower will unfold. Whether you’re having your event catered, are doing the cooking yourself, or have encouraged each guest to bring a dish, you’ll want to determine your menu. Many unique baby shower locations like hotels or restaurants will work with you to decide on dishes that are served.


  1. Delegate duties
    Even if you’re hosting the shower, you shouldn’t have to take on every responsibility yourself. You can ease some of the burden by asking for volunteers to help out in the days leading up to the shower, as well as during the event itself. Delegate responsibilities like picking up desserts, bringing the guest of honor, keeping track of gifts, and checking on the parent(s)-to-be during the shower. Not only will this help reduce your stress levels, but you’ll be in a better position to ensure everyone’s having a great time.

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