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Planning A Baby Shower? Here Are 3 Critical Mistakes To Avoid

Infographic: couples research reception venues online

When it comes to planning a baby shower, there is so much to remember. From the location and the guest list to the activities, it can sometimes seem like the planning process is endless. Here are some critical mistakes to avoid when planning the ultimate baby shower.

    1. Mistake: Wrong baby shower venue
      When choosing where to have a baby shower, consider the mood you’re trying to set. If it’s casual, the home of a friend — or your own home — can be one of the most perfect locations for a baby shower. If you’d rather be able to fully relax and not worry so much about leading the event, it may be better to opt for a restaurant or one of the higher end locations to have a baby shower, where there is a designated staff to assist with the coordination process. Nearly half (48%) of couples research reception venues online, but in the end, baby shower venues should be warm, welcoming, and just the right size.


    1. Mistake: Too baby-themed
      Of course, the point of a baby shower is to celebrate the expecting mother, but people may get put off if they walk in and are instantly bombarded with baby decorations. It’s important to consider the personal preferences of whoever the shower is for, but there is such a thing as going overboard. Try to develop a balance of classiness with a clear baby shower theme.


    1. Mistake: Inviting too many (or not enough) guests
      This mistake proves how important it is to understand the preferences of the person the shower is for. Do they prefer a huge event with all their friends, family, and acquaintances, or would they be more comfortable in a smaller, more casual environment with just their closest friends? It’s important to make these planning decisions early on in the planning process so that you know what to look for when it comes time to research baby shower venues.


  1. Mistake: Too many activities
    While everybody enjoys playing fun games and activities at any event, they also appreciate time to sit, relax, and socialize with other guests. Keep this in mind as you plan the games — there are a million fun baby shower games, but try narrowing it down to a select few you think will be the most fun for everyone.

Ultimately, planning a baby shower takes time, but it’s possible with some creativity and proactivity. For more information about locations for a baby shower, contact Renaissance Miami.