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Three Tips To Throw A Successful And Unforgettable Company Event

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3 Tips to throwing an unforgettable company eventCorporate events and/or company parties generally fall into one of two categories: parties are either surprisingly fun (so much so that it’s almost a little difficult to believe it’s a corporate event) or they are boring and sometimes even humiliating experiences, and just about everyone will be happier once the so-called festivities are over. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can make certain your company party is not a flop. In fact, you can throw an event that is fun, memorable, and does exactly what it is supposed to do — improves employee morale and boosts worker productivity. Here are just a few tips to make it happen.

Keep Activities Lighthearted And Fun
This is important — and where a lot of managers with good intentions go wrong. Sharing cherished Christmas memories or delivering speeches about appreciating fellow employees and/or the company may be just fine, or it can be a nightmare. The bottom line is that it can — and will — make some employees uncomfortable. Skip it. Sharing food and drinks may seem relatively simple, but there is nothing wrong with that.

If You Are Serving Alcohol, Plan Accordingly
Nearly all corporate event planning ideas involve at least some alcohol. You should entertain the possibility that some employees will indulge more than others, and it is important for everyone to stay safe and have a good time. A few ways to curtail heavy drinking and/or to promote worker safety are either to provide employees with drink tickets (offer two complimentary drinks and require employees to purchase any additional drinks) or budget for taxi services, should someone need a safe ride home.

When It Comes To Budgeting, Start With The Basics
Finally, the key to corporate events planning is to establish a budget. Start with the basics, and fill in the details from there. Consider: Is this a formal or informal event? Will you be serving pizza and wings or wine and hors d’oeuvres? Remember, corporate event venues don’t necessarily have to be elaborate. Choose banquet halls for a large, private space that you can easily dress up or dress down for a professional atmosphere, formal atmosphere, or laid-back Super Bowl party.

Every year, couples spend $72 billion on weddings in the U.S. Remember, corporate budgets should never be quite that elaborate. Throw a fun and memorable event with a few, key corporate event planning ideas, like keeping things lighthearted and choosing an adaptable venue.