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Three Reasons Ballroom Weddings are So Memorable

ballroom wedding

Choosing the ideal location is one of the first steps in planning your big day. Reception halls, country clubs, backyards and churches are all excellent options, but savvy brides want a location that can meet all of their needs—the nuptials, the food, the music and ambiance—in one convenient and memorable place. These key benefits explain why a ballroom wedding may be the perfect solution.

1.  Your Presence Makes the Occasion Remarkable

No need to worry about being a ‘bridezilla’ or being absent from your special day because you’re too busy running around worrying about the finer details that make the day run seamlessly. With a ballroom wedding, the professionals handle every last detail from decorations and catering to arranging for musicians and even an unforgettable arrival and departure vehicle. You can remember the day as a bride, rather than a micromanager and guests will remember your brilliant, worry-free smile.

2.  No Worries About Weather

Even the most glorious days in Miami can rapidly transition into a stormy day. When you choose a location like Renaissance Event Venues, you’ll have multiple ballrooms to choose from in addition to an indoor and outdoor chapel. Essentially, a backup plan is just steps away should unpredictable weather attempt to dampen your outdoor occasion, so your guest will not remember running from a thunderstorm, the brutal cold or chilly winds—just your magical moments.

3.  Guests Will Recall the Convenience of Ballroom Locations

It’s likely that some guests will travel from far away to celebrate, so making things as convenient on them as possible will not only be remembered but appreciated. By ensuring that your ballroom and nuptials are close by, you’re simplifying their travel plans as a whole, so they can be with you every step down the aisle and beyond.

If you are looking for the perfect ballroom venue in Miami for your wedding,  contact Renaissance Event Venues to schedule an appointment with our wedding planning professionals today.