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Sweet Sixteen Summer Ideas You Will Love

Sweet Sixteen Summer Ideas You Will Love

A Sweet 16 Birthday party is a special celebration, as it is a coming of age party to celebrate a new stage in the teenage years. This day should be all about great memories, friends, and families, amazing pictures, and a vivid atmosphere to cherish forever. Deciding on a theme for the party is essential to give you a clearer vision of the overall look and feel of the event. Here are the best ideas for a sweet sixteen during the summer.

Tropical Themed Sweet 16

Of course, a sweet sixteen in the summertime should have a Tropical theme. This theme is an excellent idea if you are looking to have a very happy and bold feel. Bright colors and palm trees are essential to a tropical theme. Make sure your venue offers a variety of food and drinks to combine with this theme.

Garden Party Sweet 16 Birthday

Another great Summertime option is a Garden Party, perfect for the daytime. Decorations for this theme can include beautiful fresh flower arrangements. Pastel colors, and even comestibles real flowers in the cake or menu items. A venue with a nice view or lots of windows is a perfect option for this theme.

Vintage Tea Party 

If your teenager is more of an elegant and classy kind of style, this theme is perfect for the theme. A unique aspect of this theme is the tableware and vintage furniture decor for the venue. This theme is also adaptable for big or small events.

Boho Vibes Sweet 16 Party

Boho themes are very on-trend for summertime events. If the birthday girl or boy has a more calm and hipster vibe this is definitely the theme to go for. Some decoration items for this theme include dream catchers and flowers. You can also ask your guests to wear something flowy to add to the vibe.

The summer is a great season for parties, especially now that Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted. It is important to have a theme, but most important to have a venue and professionals that support you through the process and help you make this day the best ever!