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Seasonal Quinceañera Themes: Spring and Summer

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Autumn is finally over and winter is nearly at its end. Which means that spring and summer are right around the corner. During these warmer seasons of the year, more and more birthdays appear to come up wherever you look. For many young girls, this specific birthday is the celebration of their quinceañera. These birthday girls want to go all out for the big day, and they need a theme to match the occasion. Take a look at these spring and summer ideas for your quinceañera venue.

In comparison to the other seasons, spring is more straightforward regarding theme. To truly encompass the spring theme, the big element to always remember is florals. Spring is a symbol of growth, and adding flowers into the quinceañera decor can build on the idea of growing up and becoming an adult. Transform your quinceañera venue into a lavish garden filled with colorful flowers. On the tables, place either fake or real flower bouquets. Butterflies are also a common element for spring-themed events but stick to the fake ones instead of real ones. For the dress, think of a floral design with bright or pastel colors.

Summer is a broad seasonal theme because there is a vast amount of sub-themes that go along with summer. A beach or underwater theme is popular because many people associate summer with the sun and the ocean. Step away from the water and beach theme, and dive into the travel theme. People often go places during the summer, so select a location and base your theme around this travel spot. The best part of a travel theme for your summer quinceañera is how many ideas that can come from it. Some examples are macaroons for Paris, English tea time for England, or combine different places and make an around the world event.