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Something New, Something Old: Plan a Wedding that Merges Tradition with New Ideas

Bride standing by the ocean with the wind blowing on her

It seems like just about every year, there’s a new “trend” in weddings and receptions. Keeping up with these changes without losing your own vision as a bride can be difficult — especially when you have so many other things to think about. At the Renaissance, our goal is to make brides’ lives easier. Our staff’s sole purpose is to plan weddings and receptions,while incorporating those extra-special touches that create long-lasting memories and reflect the bride’s vision for her ideal day.

In recent years, Renaissance has grown to become the most popular wedding venues in Coral Gables, and that means our staff has had a lot of experience in spotting new ideas before they become overused and cliche. We also understand the value of incorporating novel ideas even in the most traditional settings. Sometimes, those little unexpected touches create the biggest impact and the best memories. Merging older traditions with new “twists” is a great way to make sure your celebration makes its mark. Surfing the net and skimming through magazines are two great ways to spot new ideas; talking with our skilled planners is another.

Of course, as any bride knows, there are good memories and there are not so good memories (the latter tends to end up being featured on “blooper” TV shows). The best way to add something novel or different to your reception or ceremony is to make sure the added touch is subtle — not shocking or even tacky. Relying on an experienced planner who’s “seen it all” helps ensure your event will be memorable in a positive way. At Renaissance, we understand the difference! That’s one reason why brides in Miami and beyond turn to us when they want to create beautiful and long-lasting memories.