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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Location

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wedding locationsWhen making your wedding plans, it can be quite difficult to choose the location. Sure, many event venues are pretty good choices, but can often be pricey, and the cheap banquet halls might not just feel right. Finding dream wedding locations that work with budgets can be quite tricky.

Here are a few considerations that you need to make to help you find the best wedding locations.

1. Do You Want a Religious Ceremony?
Believe it or not, only 53% of couple who got married in 2007 had their ceremony in a church. This shows that non-traditional wedding locations are becoming the norm. However, if you remain in that narrowing majority, you should consider the fact that religious wedding locations require a bit more planning. You should book the wedding venue before you book the reception location. If you and your partner are of different faiths, it may be best to pick a neutral location, like a reception hall. If you want to incorporate a spiritual element to your wedding without having to worry about organized religion, then you could consider a more natural setting, such as an apple orchard.

2. How Much Organizing Are You Willing to Do?
Some wedding locations may require heavy lifting. Literally. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each setting before making your final decision. If you choose a more unique location, such as a barn or a field, you’ll likely have to set everything up yourself and clear the way — or enlist the help of a friend or relative who’s willing to do it for you. If outdoors, you’ll also have to prepare for the fact that mother nature may not cooperate the way you want her to, which means twice the work, and twice the anxiety.

3. How Big Is Your Guest List?
The size of your guest list may determine which wedding locations you can consider. You may have to account for handicap accessibility, small children, and other mobility issues. While your wedding is about you, you also have to consider your guests. It won’t be possible to please everyone, but making a concession or two for the sake of your loved ones is only fair.

If you keep these points in mind, it will be easier find the perfect place to get married. If you have any questions about wedding locations, feel free to ask in the comments.