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Prevent Bridezillas-itis: Renaissance Helps Brides Keep Their Cool With Easy Planning Options

Bride holding up a chainsaw

Wedding planning involves coordinating multiple events, often in separate venues (the church or wedding site, photo locations and reception venue – not to mention the honeymoon), and the choices and options that exist for even simple weddings can be overwhelming.

What’s more, trying to coordinate the down-to-the-minute timing of flowers, decorations, music, food, cake and photos can be exhausting. Fortunately, there is an option. While the tasks of wedding planning usually fell squarely on the shoulders of the overburdened bride, Renaissance Miami offers its own planning services and features a wide range of options for food, entertainment – even decorations and invitations – all available from their on-site boutique and planning services.

Renaissance offers clients the same options and services of much more costly venues and planning companies, but at more competitive prices and on a more personal level. The professional planners will work hand in hand with you to make sure every aspect of your event meets your vision, down to the smallest nuances. From food prepared by master chefs to one-of-a-kind coordinated decorations, floral displays and invitations to custom cakes, the Renaissance can help you design your dream wedding without stress and anxiety. The Renaissance can even help you arrange transportation, photography and entertainment, and they even offer indoor and outdoor chapels for on-site wedding ceremonies.

Broad selection and ease of planning have made Renaissance a leader among banquet halls in Miami, and not just for weddings. Anniversary celebrations, quinces and sweet sixteen parties, bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events all benefit from the services and solutions offered by Renaissance Miami. The goal at Renaissance is to help even the uninitiated create an experience that rivals that of the most seasoned professionals, tying together all the little details to make any event seem more polished and sophisticated. From casual to formal, the planning team at the Renaissance can help you make sure your next event is enjoyable and memorable.