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It’s Just a Chair Cover: Use Linens to Enhance Your Wedding Theme

decorations in gold and white for wedding tables

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to focus most of your energy and attention on the “big” items: the dress, the table settings, the flowers, the food. But in all the hubbub of creating your ideal wedding, don’ forget to consider the smaller details that can really help enhance your theme and make your event even more memorable and one-of-a-kind.

Linens – from the tablecloths and runners to the napkins to the chair covers – can add another dimension to your event, making it look more polished and well-conceived. When linens are coordinated either to the color or to the overall theme (like using burlap for more a more casual event, satin or damask for a more formal one), you create a more lasting and memorable impression.

At Renaissance Miami, we offer hand-stitched fine linens in a wide variety of colors, styles and fabrics, so creating the perfect look is simple. Our event planners can work with you to make sure the linens you select will enhance the image and feeling you want to project for your big day. We can even take it a step further by creating coordinated, one-of-a-kind decorations that play off the colors and textures you select. Don’t limit yourself to traditional ideas; our planners can help you think “outside the box” to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

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As professional Coral Gables wedding planners, our staff understands current trends in wedding styling and we can make sure your event is as personal and individual as you and your spouse-to-be. By working closely with your planner, you can create the event you envision, and the process can be a lot less stressful than you’ve ever imagined.