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Kids at the Wedding – 4 Options for Planning

Two little girls sitting and playing with each other outdoors

One of the biggest challenges you may have when it comes to planning for a wedding is what to do about kids. We’ve put together four options that you can consider and determine which may be best for you.

  • Host an Adults Only Event – This is the “simplest” solution, but it can be quite controversial. After all, parents may not feel comfortable attending an event if they feel their children are not wanted.
  • Offer Childcare – Hiring a babysitter (or babysitters) for the day or evening may be a good solution. This can add to the cost of the event, but it helps parents feel more welcome and may allow for out of town guests to attend who would otherwise have to pass.
  • Provide Entertainment for Kids – Another option is to treat kids like any other guest at the event, but offer some “extras” to keep them entertained and on their best behavior. This may include providing coloring books, hiring a storyteller or maybe having a “kids table” during the reception.
  • Put Someone on Damage Control Duty – One covert way to handle the potential problems that may spring up when kids are at the wedding is to not address the issue ahead of time, but have someone “on duty” watching for problems and helping put out fires. If things run smoothly, no one may ever know you were even worried!

As you can see, there are many different ways to approach this potential concern. When you put some thought into it, you are sure to find a solution that keeps everyone (adults and children alike) happy and content.