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3 Unique Wedding Trends Emerging In 2018

infographic: 15% of weddings happen in June

The most popular month to get married is June (accounting for 15% of all weddings). But if you’re planning a wedding for anytime next year, being aware of some common trends can help you prepare accordingly and come closer to creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, from finding the best romantic wedding places to attire and decor. Here are just a few wedding trends you can expect to emerge in 2018.

Organic Greenery/Decor
Green spaces are started to truly become embraced like never before, especially in the wedding business. There will be a higher demand for decor that embraces organic beauty and greenery of all kinds, including centerpieces and even the bride’s bouquet.

“Textural greens are where you want to be when planning a wedding reception in 2018. Decor is going a route that embraces organic beauty and natural feels – which includes as much greenery as one can hold at their venue. … there’s a certain amount of romance and lushness that is spread when following this trend,” writes Sadaf Jabeen on The News, adding that this natural and eco-friendly trend is more than likely here to stay.

Braided Hairstyles
Long and elegant braids are certainly making a major appearance in 2018. They seem to be a component of some of the most stunning and iconic wedding-day looks, from French braids to fishtails and more. Even more simple designs incorporated with swirls or hearts are popular for bridesmaids and flower girls as well, allowing everyone to choose their own braid style.

Drone Photography
Surprisingly, drones are quickly making their way into the wedding business, considering that they provide a unique bird’s eye view of the entire ceremony and reception. Though they’re not likely to replace professional photography services any time soon, they can capture views that can be ideal for large group shots including all guests or the wedding party alone. Drone photography is certainly a unique element worth exploring for your 2018 wedding.

Ultimately, understanding these unique wedding trends can help you to determine which elements are right for your dream wedding, from finding the right romantic wedding places to modernized decor and technology options. For more information about reception halls and all inclusive event packages, contact Renaissance Miami.