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How Much Space Do You Need for Your Event?

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One of the most important things you need to know when planning an event is how much space you will need. How you plan on seating your guests as well as the activities you have planned will determine the size of the venue you will need to make sure your event goes smoothly. Once you know the number of guests, you can begin to figure out how much space you will need.

Seating Arrangement

Theater seating is great for a wedding and will save you a lot of space, but it doesn’t work for the reception. How you place your tables can almost triple the amount of floor space you will need to seat all of your guests comfortably and include room for the food and a dance floor. Most venues have seating plans to help you decide on the seating arrangements.

Extra Space for Dancing and Other Activities

In addition to the number of guests, you will also have to know what type of activities you will have. Are you going to have a DJ or a full band? Do you want to have a dance floor or just a place for your guests to mingle? These are questions that will play a huge role in the size of your venue. Even if you are having the reception outside, it will determine how many chairs and tables will be needed or if you will have to bring in a stage.

If you are planning an event, your budget will be a determining factor when it comes to the venue. Understanding how to maximize the potential of the space you can afford is a must.