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How Much Does A Wedding Cost in Miami?

how much does a wedding cost in Miami

You’ve recently gotten engaged and you’re starting to look into the financial picture for your Miami wedding. But before you panic, it’s a good idea to do some research on average wedding expenses in your area. That all said, how much does a wedding cost in Miami? Here’s all the information you’ll need to budget for your special day.

Wedding Venues In Miami

There are many types of wedding venues you can rent in Miami. The total cost will depend on how many guests you plan to invite and if you plan to include catering services. The average cost for a wedding venue with catering is between $1,300 to $2,300 in costs. You can find cheap wedding venues if you are willing to take your time to compare costs and get married outside of the normal wedding season. The most popular month for weddings is June. Because Miami is a popular tourist destination, you may want to avoid planning your wedding date during the major events in the city throughout the year to cut down on costs. March music festivals, the Orange Bowl on New Year’s weekend, and Art Basel in December can quickly fill up hotels and cause traffic jams. You’ll want to steer clear of these events so you can save money and create an enjoyable experience for out-of-town guests.

Wedding Photographer Fees

The typical cost for hiring a photographer is between the $1,200 and $2,050 range. If you want to hire a videographer, plan to spend between $820 to $1,370 on average. The cost will depend on the level of experience the photographer or videographer has and the number of hours booked.

Entertainment Expenses

Another thing many couples consider when wondering how much does a wedding cost in Miami is the expenses for entertainment. You can choose between having a witty and fun DJ or have a glorious live band perform. You should plan on budgeting between $500 to $900 for wedding entertainment.

Wedding Officiant Expense

The wedding officiant is tasked with one of the most important roles of your wedding, which is planning and conducting your ceremony. Many also offer premarital counseling services as well. You can expect to spend anywhere between $400 to $700 for a proper officiant.

Wedding Decorations

The wedding decorations for the event venue or reception hall create the gorgeous highlights of your special day. There’s the bridal bouquet, the table centerpieces, and the wedding flowers that need to be chosen for the event. You can expect to pay around $270 to $450 for these wedding flowers.

So how much does a wedding cost in Miami? The total adds up to between $25,000 and $30,000 on average. Your actual cost will depend on how many guests you have and any deals you’re able to find. Be sure to do your research carefully and compare prices. You can have the wedding of your dreams in the Magic City without having to break your bank to do it.