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How a Photo Booth Will Spice Up Your Next Event

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Whether it’s milestone birthday, corporate party, wedding or baby shower coming up, incorporating a photo booth at your next big event is a surefire way to get guests engaged and create lasting memories. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and here are some additional reasons to talk to your event planner about arranging for a photo booth.

Capturing the Moment for a Lifetime

Those wild poses, surprise laughs and split-second moments can never be recaptured, but every memory created in a photo booth can be around for life. Hard copies of the shots are typically offered right away, while many pics on phones or rolls of film often get forgotten. To boot modern booths allow users to choose props or cool backdrop to customize their photos. Oh, and let’s keep in mind that these pics make great take home party favors.

Getting Everyone Involved

Regardless of age, everyone enjoys the thrills of heading into a photo booth—especially in our selfie-loving society. Guests have the opportunity to feel like youngsters again, while the kiddos are sure to make a splash all their own. People will come together to use the booth, engage with each other and unwind while sharing the experience. It’s almost like free entertainment!

Get More Social Media Glory

Modern photo booths can be set up to display a live photo album, typically on a wall within the event space. Furthermore, photos can be instantly hash tagged and shared on social media sites. This gets the even more exposure, which can be important for corporate events. However, for personal occasions, this set up can allow those who couldn’t attend to still feel a part of the event and even make live comments.

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