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Hosting an Anniversary Party

Bride putting the ring on the groom

When your loved ones achieve a major wedding milestone, such as 25 or 50 years, it’s reason to celebrate. Whether you choose to surprise them with a big anniversary party or you involve them in the planning, there are certain factors you will need to take into consideration. As the host, it’s up to you to make sure everyone, especially the couple of honor, has a good time.

Reserve Your Venue Early

Venues in the south Florida area book up quickly so make sure you plan well ahead of time for the anniversary party. One of the first things you should be doing is selecting a date and reserving the venue. There’s no time to waste.

Choose Music the Couple Loves

It may be tempting to stick with more mainstream music or to implement your own preferences into the party, but remember this event is celebrating the bond between two special people. Talk to them about their music tastes and make sure that is the main focus. You can include other music, but the primary selections should be songs the couple loves and are important to their lives.

Keep Toasts to a Minimum

There are likely a lot of people who want to say something nice about the couple. However, one or two official toasts is the most you should schedule. Everyone else can offer their congratulations individually. When you select the speakers, give them strict instructions to keep their speech under five minutes. This will keep up the flow of the evening.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

As individuals age, they may develop special dietary needs. Make sure the couple of honor can eat a majority of the foods included on the menu. You may also want to inquire among family and friends as to whether there are any other food allergies or dietary concerns you should address in your menu choices as well.

Hosting an anniversary party can be a great way to celebrate an important event in a couple’s life. Before you host the party, make sure you take these tips into consideration.