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Hosting an Outdoor Wedding Reception

miami wedding reception

Hosting your wedding reception outdoors is very enticing, however it does take a lot of planning that you don’t need to do if your reception is indoors. If you love the outdoors and want to share it with your wedding guests, then here is a list of tips you’ll need to consider.

1. Weatherproof Your Hair

Even the loveliest day may have a little breeze, and often the weather can be windy, rainy or humid. In case any of these weather issues happen on your special day, make sure you select a hairstyle that will hold up in inclement weather.

2. Have a Plan B

No matter how beautiful the weather is during the current season, there is always a possibility of rain. A Plan B is crucial just in case the weather won’t cooperate with your plans.

3. Have a Second Dress for Your Reception

If you’re having your reception in a hot climate, a full-length wedding dressing may be too cumbersome and heavy to wear outside. Find a dress that will stand out, but is delightful to dance in on a hot summer evening.

4. Don’t Wear Stilettos

Any pointy or thin heel won’t work outdoors if you are on a soft surface such as grass. Instead of standing tall, you will fall down the proverbial rabbit’s hole in your stilettos. Flats or low-heeled shoes are better for an outdoor reception, and you can switch your footwear after the ceremony and pictures.

5. Add Some Wrapped Towelettes

An easy way to help guests stay cool during an outdoor wedding reception is to pass out individually-wrapped packaged towelettes to all the guests or have them in a central location such as the bathroom or reception area.

6. Provide On-Site Transportation

If your reception is in a rural area that might be hard to find or navigate to for some guests, offer a shuttle service to take guests from the ceremony to the reception. This will take a burden off of elderly guests or those who aren’t too good at directions.