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Have You Considered These Unique Bridal Shower Ideas?

bridal shower planning

Keep things interesting during bridal shower planning. Put together an event that reflects your unique personality. Try these fun themes to liven things up.

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

More and more brides and/or bridal parties are opting to throw a tea party for the bridal shower. Throw a tea party with a twist by opting for an Alice In Wonderland-themed celebration.

Decorate reception halls or event venues with large, whimsical playing cards and colorful flowers. Bake or order cookies in Alice In Wonderland-themed shapes, like clocks, or emblazon them with the movie’s popular catchphrases, like “Eat me” and “Try me.” Put up a “Drink me!” sign in front of the soft drinks and cocktails. For a finishing touch, ask guests to dress in-theme. The bride and mother-of-the-bride can show up dressed as Alice and The Queen of Hearts. Guests can wear pastel party dresses and accessorize with comically bizarre hats.

Almafi Coast

If you fancy yourself a seasoned traveler, consider working travel themes into your bridal shower planning. For example, the Almafi Coast and surrounding areas in Italy are world-famous for their lemons. Incorporate this into bridal shower planning with lemon-themed drinks and desserts and bright yellow decorations. Contrast bright yellows with open and airy venues and white table cloths.

The region is famous for its limoncello. Don’t forget to work that into your plans! Try this simple but tasty limoncello-based cocktail. Mix one part limoncello with four parts champagne or sparkling wine. Garnish with your favorite frozen berries.

Garden Party

A garden party is a perfect way to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Decorate the invites with pale, pastel flowers, and rent an open-air venue or hall decorated in all-white to best show off bridal shower blooms. Integrate unique elements, like a flower bouquet bar or custom flower crown station.

Complement celebrations with bubbly champagne or white wine. For an extra bit of chic flair, serve cocktails with edible flowers. Brit + Co recommends trying out hibiscus champagne cocktails, chamomile-infused wine, and/or edible flower lemon jello shots.

A Parisian Affair

Unsure where to start when it comes to Paris-themed bridal shower planning? Think macarons and creme brulee. “Incorporate the Eiffel Tower into the decorations and serve up French wines, cheeses, and desserts,” suggests. For brunch-time bridal showers, consider incorporating a crepe bar, with fluffy crepes and filling and toppings like chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, fresh lemon curd, and fresh berries.

Keep dress fancy and pepper decorations with some well-known French phrases, like Merci, Amour, and J’taime.

A Classy Picnic

Pack tea sandwiches, bread, wine, and cheese up in a (large) picnic basket and head out to a scenic location. Use a low table to set up food items. Cover the ground with blankets and decorative rugs. Bring plenty of frilly throw pillows to keep guests comfortable and the atmosphere fancy. Delicate dishware, carefully crafted flower centerpieces, and candles can help elevate bridal showers from a casual picnic to a fanciful and elegant celebration.

Bridal shower planning is not one-size-fits-all. Don’t forget to include details and plans that make the event uniquely you (or uniquely the bride).

Tradition dictates that the maid of honor and/or bridesmaids host bridal showers. Thankfully, traditions are changing! If you have strong opinions about your bridal shower, feel free to get actively involved in the process and help the wedding party with the costs associated with the event, too!

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