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Everyone Should Have a Long Engagement. Here’s Why!

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When your partner gets down on one knee to ask you THE question, it can feel like minutes between the moment you say “yes” and the moment you two meet at the altar. As exciting as it might be to wed as soon as possible, having a long engagement might actually be better in the long run. Why? Here are a few reasons to consider extending your engagement.

More Time to Plan

You, like so many others, may have grand plans for destination weddings in Miami, horse-drawn carriage entrances, and all manner of other fabulous details on your wedding day. Unfortunately, even the humblest of empires was not built in a day. And neither is a perfect wedding! If you want to see all of your biggest wedding dreams realized, you’re going to need time to plan them. Most couples plan their weddings for up to 12 months in advance, but for big dreams, that’s really more of a minimum. This is especially important to consider if you’re planning a destination wedding or a huge celebration. For every detail of your wedding plans to become a reality, you’ll likely require more than a year of planning.

Larger Venue Selection

The further in advance you start planning, the better luck you’ll have finding the wedding venue of your dreams. Most couples seek out unique wedding venues, but those places can book up quickly. Looking out at two years or more in the future for your wedding date can help you take your time narrowing down venues and securing the perfect spot for your ceremony and reception. And if you’re a fan of destination weddings in Miami, you’re going to want to look for venues as far in advance as possible.

Better Budget Planning

When you’re planning your wedding, your budget is your bible. A short engagement doesn’t really offer you the luxury of time to plan an accurate budget and meet all of your financial goals before the big day is upon you. When you take the time to have a long engagement, you’re giving yourself a lot more wiggle room to save up enough money for your wedding and honeymoon dreams to come true. And if something in your budget really pushes it over the top, you’ll have ample time to find an alternative without any last-minute panic.

Above all else, a long wedding planning period can give you and your partner peace of mind. Whether you’re looking at destination weddings in Miami or you want a backyard shindig, a long engagement just might be the best wedding decision you make.