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Get Hitched Quick: How to Plan A Wedding in 3 Months

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Most brides (30%) take seven to 12 months to plan their wedding, but you’re not like most brides. A new job opportunity, military deployment, or simply being head-over-heels has caused your engagement to be shorter than most. Now, you have three months to plan an entire wedding. Is it possible?

Even though weddings can take over a year to plan, with a few smart strategies and determination, you can pull together an impressive occasion in as few as three months. Since you’re short on time, here are three quick tips to get you started:

1. Nail Down Your Vendors and Wedding Venue ASAP

As soon as you can, be sure to pull together the essential elements of your ceremony and reception. Within the first two weeks, book your wedding venue or banquet hall, your caterer, the D.J., and the photographer. Though you may find that your first choices are already booked up, you might also be able to score a last-minute deal. Consider skipping the Saturday wedding if you’re struggling to find available reception halls; Friday evening and even Sunday afternoon weddings are a bit less popular but still plenty of fun.

2. Be Flexible

Just as you may need to pick a non-Saturday date, other details might need to be adjusted to accommodate your tight schedule. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Being open-minded about alternatives, such as a borrowed wedding dress, discount invitations, or homemade decorations will help your wedding come together with as little stress as possible. Often, the “imperfections” of your quickly-planned wedding will become your favorite details and most precious memories.

3. Whittle Down the Guest List

Planning a wedding quickly might be a challenge for your budget. The payments for your banquet hall or wedding dress that would have been stretched over the course of a year will instead be packed into a few short weeks. The best way to have it all without going over budget is to keep tight limits on your guest list. Though it’s hard to cut important people, explain your short time frame to would-be-guests. Your friends and family might be more understanding when they don’t get an invite if you explain your circumstances.

Planning a wedding is tough. Planning a wedding in three months, however, is an entirely different beast. Whip together the wedding of your dreams with these three essential tips. After all, why should you keep your love waiting?