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Four Significant Ways Weddings Have Changed Over the Last 30 Years

Bride and grooms shoes

One thing that most people don’t do very often is plan a wedding. Perhaps you assist in planning your own or a close friend’s when you are in your 20s or 30s. Then, you may not participate in the planning of another for 25 or 30 years when you start thinking about the big day for your own child. In reality, a lot of things have changed in the past three decades as far as weddings go. Consider these items, for just a taste of the differences.

  • Engagements are longer. This is a change that is beneficial to planning. Years ago, an engagement may have only been a few months. Now, they often stretch into years.
  • Save the date. While many find these cards cheesy, they are considered a staple for mega-wedding planning. Also, it can help you to assure you’ll have better attendance for your wedding.
  • Location. With larger and more elaborate weddings and receptions the norm, many people would prefer to rent a wedding venue that can assist with the details rather than working with a small church or hosting an event at home.
  • Food. A formal dinner is much less common today. More often, you’ll find hors d’ oeuvres served or perhaps a buffet, if a meal is served at all.
  • Attire. While a wedding dress is pretty much always a wedding dress, today’s guests have many more options for what they can wear. Pants on women are fine, and a guest may even choose to wear white, if it is done in a simple, laid-back way.

While things have with weddings changed as far as the details, the meaning of the ceremony is still the same. No matter what, you still need a place to hold this event, you need to invite friends and family, and you will likely want to host a reception after the ceremony. Even if you’re a little lost with what a modern wedding is like, if you take it slowly and do plenty of research, you are sure to plan a masterpiece.