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Two little girls sitting and playing with each other outdoors

Kids at the Wedding – 4 Options for Planning

One of the biggest challenges you may have when it comes to planning for a wedding is what to do about kids. We’ve put together four options that you can consider and determine which may be best for you. Host…

Bride leaning her head against colorful wall of flowers

Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Wedding Planning

It's easy to get stressed when planning your wedding. Think about it; you're trying to put together the one day of your life you've been looking forward to for years. If you forget one thing or make even a single…

Bride looking up smiling holding her red bouquet of roses

How to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

Your wedding is an important day. Everyone is aware of how much money people often spend to get the wedding of their dreams, but not everything is necessary to create a beautiful wedding. If you find your budget lower than…