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Four Romantic Valentine Day Wedding Reception Decorations

Bride and groom getting married outdoors

When you choose Valentine Day for your wedding, your marriage starts on the most romantic day of the year. Share your love with all your guests when you use four romantic wedding reception decorations.


1. Lace Table Cloths

Beautiful lace oozes romance, and it’s a welcome addition to your reception tables. Layer a white lace table cloth over a red or pink one, or use a single colored lace table cloth by itself.

2. Floating Candle and Flower Centerpieces

Every reception table needs a centerpiece. Increase the romance when you arrange pink, red and white rocks, flameless candles and flower petals in beautiful glass bowls or vases. The end result is a romantic centerpiece that will fan the flames of love all evening.

3. Heart-Shaped Place Cards

A small decorative element, place cards show your guests where to sit. Instead of traditional rectangles, write your guests’ names on red or pink cardstock hearts. Add your names, wedding date and a favorite love quote to turn these place cards into a multifunctional wedding favor for your guests.

4. Kissing Booth

Every wedding reception needs a little fun. After all, you’re there to party! A kissing booth helps your guests have fun, and it’s romantic. You could rent a professional kissing booth or set up a homemade booth in the corner with:

*Single-use cameras
*Pink boas
*Rose stems
*Red and white hats

Not only will your guests have fun participating in this romantic activity, but you’ll gain cute guest snapshots for your wedding scrapbook.

A valentine’s wedding starts your marriage off on a romantic foot. Boost the love with romantic decorations. They add ambiance you and your guests are sure to remember for many happy years.