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Exploring The Benefits To Tying The Knot On The Beach: Part 2

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In the last post, we started to discuss a few basic benefits that come with choosing a beach as your wedding venue. Of all the places for wedding receptions, beaches provide an atmosphere that no indoor location can compete with. Here are some more unique benefits of beach wedding places.

    1. Accessibility:
      One unexpected benefit of having your wedding in a beach location is that it’s more accessible than other venues. Other reception places may be difficult to find, or worse, they can be too big, and it can be hard to find exactly where you need to go. Running frantically from room to room is no fun for anyone. Keep it simple and accessible by choosing a central beach location where your wedding celebrations will be visible on the entire beach.


    1. Romanticism:
      For many couples, spending a night at the beach is one of the best types of dates. Why not make your entire wedding night feel a bit more romantic by having it at the beach? Even if your honeymoon isn’t scheduled until months later, you’ll feel like you’re starting it early! Many think that beaches make one of the most romantic settings for weddings.


    1. Space:
      Many couples don’t realize that traditional wedding venues can easily get overcrowded, making it difficult for guests to move around. As of 2014, the average couple invites 136 guests to their wedding, and with beach weddings, you have so much more space to work with. You’ll be able to design and customize your entire setup and use all the space you want. The possibilities are virtually endless!


  1. Memorability:
    The fact is, beach weddings are uncommon for most of your guests. They most likely haven’t been to many — if any at all — which means that they’ll remember it for a lifetime. Give your guests unforgettable memories by providing a once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere.

Ultimately, beaches are some of the best outdoor wedding venues available. The natural elements and open space male them suitable for weddings of nearly any type and size. For more information about places for wedding receptions, contact Renaissance Miami.