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Experts Forecast The Biggest Wedding Trends Of 2020

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Every year, the overwhelming majority of couples tie the knot in June. June weddings make up 15% of all weddings that will occur. Many wedding trends do not follow suit. Instead of remaining the same year after year, most wedding plans evolve and change. What’s new in 2020?

Read on for wedding planners’ and experts’ projected wedding trends in 2020.

Nostalgia Comes To The Forefront

2020 is the year of the 90s babies. Of course, people of all ages will say their vows this year. However, statistics reveal that 90s babies will account for the majority of weddings in 2020. Men and women born in the 90s are also among the most nostalgic, continually sharing Facebook posts and retweeting tweets about the iconic decade they grew up in.

What does this look like when it comes to weddings? According to WeddingWire, millennials will decorate reception halls and romantic wedding places with nods to the 90s, like stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars, celestial-inspired decorations, bold, rainbow color schemes (think Lisa Frank school supplies and accessories!), and even white or metallic adult moon bounces.

Finally, brides will complete their wedding looks with a well-placed — but very 90s — barrette!

High-End Photo Booths

In past years, it has been custom to complement wedding venues — elegant, laidback, or rustic — with a silly and fun photo booth. Move over ridiculous mustaches and witty phrases like, “Trust me. You can dance! -Vodka.” The era of the over-the-top photo booths is on its way out.

In its place, couples are choosing photo booths just as carefully as wedding venues. Elaborate photo booths create a scene or atmosphere, with guests posing in front of a classy backdrop. More couples will opt to remember the evening with artsy, high fashion photos of their guests. Think formal dining shots aboard a cruise… but even better! These professional-style portraits do take some editing, so photographs will be available in a few weeks or months–not instantaneously.

Weddings Are More Instagram-able Than Ever Before

A picturesque wedding does not have to be a stifled or boring one! In 2020, couples will balance Instagram-worthy moments with personal, individual memories they will remember for years to come. According to WeddingWire, you can expect “vending machine-style champagne stations, [and] abundant charcuterie board centerpieces to unique non-cake cakes such as cookies, cinnamon buns, and pancakes.” Self-service bars, onsite mixologists, statement table decor, and alternatives to confetti–eco-friendly bubbles and ribbon wands are popular–are other ways newlyweds are curating experiences and photos that are highly shareable and buzzworthy on social media.

The Push To Be Creative

When it comes to decoring wedding venues and picking out a wedding dress, bold and creative is the norm this year. In fact, it is expected. If you fall in love with a wedding dress or decorations that are flashy and possibly even too much, do not fret. Embrace it.

Use signs with off-color language and references to getting wild. Spray paint flowers, ask guests to take place in wedding day experiences like eating churros from an umbrella (a strange variation on bobbing for apples and something that really happened!), hang decorations from wedding venue ceilings, and do not hold back when it comes to your dress. More brides are picking dresses with bulk to match Ariana Grande’s 2020 Grammy’s ballgown, dresses with big, statement sleeves, or dresses with trains or veils trailing far behind them.

A Wedding Trend Fit For Royalty: Lengthy Banquet Tables

While most 2020 weddings aim to be flashy and trendsetting, a more refined movement this year is toward long, elegant banquet tables. Long tables extend the eye, creating the illusion of more space. This can be an especially appealing and photogenic opportunity in wedding venues that are already open and airy, like outdoor venues or huge, spacious venues. The photos are, as with other trends this year, very Insta-friendly.

As many as 2.5 million couples get married every year. As with everything else, wedding trends change. Follow expert advice and establish strong relationships with wedding venues for an unforgettable and fashionable wedding in 2020.