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Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Baby Shower Planning (Part 2)

Infograhic on the times that weddings occur.

In the last post, we debunked some of the most common and persistent myths that surround the planning process and overall idea of baby showers. However, we’ve barely scratched the surface of misconceptions that lie beneath these entertaining and adorable events. Here are some more common myths surrounding baby shower venues and events.

Baby shower gifts should always be for newborn stage
This is another myth that may seem logical but in reality, just doesn’t add up. A better idea is for guests to get gifts in a wide range of ages, as infants grow out of clothing quicker than any other age. A few newborn items are okay, but it’s always best to offer clothing and toys that the baby will grow into as they grow older. This also prevents the parents from having to regift some newborn items that may end up not getting used.

A baby shower needs to have a theme to be truly successful
This is a frivolous myth and entirely untrue. A baby shower is an event that already has a theme: babies! Sure, it’s fine to add an extra layer of uniqueness if you want the event to truly stand out, but a better way to improve the quality of the baby shower is to put more effort into deciding where to have a baby shower. Baby shower venues range in size, quality, and services offered, and only by scouring the city and leaving no stone unturned will you find the absolutely perfect and pristine baby shower location you always dreamed of.

Baby showers are a morning or early afternoon event only
Finally, this myth is a bit ridiculous and has absolutely no base. Sure, a baby shower isn’t a party that will rage on until the hours of the early morning, but by no means does it have a curfew or even need to have a definite end time. Think about the typical wedding: wholly 53% of weddings occur in the afternoon, 31% in the evening, and 16% in the morning. As long as the mother-to-be is satisfied and comfortable, anything goes!

Ultimately, being aware of the full range of misconceptions that surround the baby shower planning process is the best way to make sure every element is considered and the event is as enjoyable and memorable as possible. For more information about event venues and locations for a baby shower, contact Renaissance Miami.